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  Bayesian Plugin Version History

1.08a 12/12/03

  • Major changes to the reclassify code which include:

    - New configuration option: "Store messages database on disk" (default: enabled).
    - Reclassify window has (again) close and maximize buttons.
    - Trailing CR/LF characters at the end of From: and To: fields are removed.
    - Some small glitches with controls.
    - Del key in the message list acts as "Remove" button.
    - Double-clicking in the message list reverses classification of selected message.
    - Sorting mode selection code rewritten.
    - Some messages.dat corruption checking/reporting.
    - It's now possible to drag the reclassify window list columns to rearrange the order.

    1.08 14/11/03

  • Bugfix: Reclassify window lockups fixed.
  • Bugfix: French Language.ini

    1.07j (1.08pre) 11/11/03

  • Added: The reclassify window will now save it's contents between sessions in a database.
  • Bugfix: The Menus which didn't appear under Win95/NT were fixed.
  • Added: French Ignorelist added.

    1.07i 04/10/03

  • Bugfix: Fixed a possible GPF.
  • Removed: Unused parts of the V-Mime decoder.
  • Changed: French language typo's fixed.
  • Added: Russian Ignorelist.

  • 1.07h 02/10/03

  • Changed: Heavy optimizations.
  • Changed: Reverted back to the new fixed V-Mime decoder.

  • 1.07g 01/10/03

  • Bugfix: Long subject bug.
  • Changed: Reverted back to the old V-Mime decoder.

  • 1.07f 29/09/03

  • Bugfix: Reclassification window freezes under XP.
  • Bugfix: The Ignorelist and incoming mails were parsed incorrectly under some circumstances.
  • Changed: "Incoming words are case sesitive" checkbox in the configuration panel removed.
  • Changed: Major changes to the V-Mime decoder which include:

    - all character tables are now excluded.
    - the Windows code page number is now used wherever possible.
    - WinAPI functions are now used instead of character tables.
    - additional conversion of headers line's text is added when they explicitly contain the encoding.
    - KOI-8 support was added.

  • Changed: Default option for "Include headers in filtering" changed to "Off".

    1.07d 16/09/03

  • Bugfix: Multithread issues fixed
  • Bugfix: Configuration dialog, Sorting, Icons

    1.07c 06/09/03

  • Bugfix: Configuration window freezing
  • Changed: Configuration dialog, Icons, (C)opyright Notice
  • Bugfix: Lots of fixes since 1.06
  • Ignorelist Updated
  • First GPL'd release

    1.06 24/03/03

  • Bugfix: Configuration window freezing

    1.05 22/03/03

  • Change of design for configuration dialog

    1.04 19/03/03

  • Numerical score added to header

    1.03 16/03/03

  • Internal build, not released

    1.02 20/02/03 (Interim release for c't magazine only)

  • Improved import (Added comfirmation of imported emails, progress feedback & import log)
  • Ignore words case-sensitivity fixed
  • More aggressive reclassification
  • Bug fix: From/To columns sort order
  • Column sort order now preserved across SpamPal sessions

    1.01 01/02/03

  • Internal build, not released

    1.00 01/02/03

  • Bug fix: Configuration Help button not working
  • Redesign of configuration window
  • "Ignore words" configuration section
  • Increased weighting for words found only in spam or clean emails
  • "!" and "$" are now considered part of a token
  • Greater flexibility in parsing, e.g. allowing for prices and IP addresses
  • Case-sensitivity option
  • Added email import functionality (beta)
  • Added version number to wordlist.dat (for future changes)
  • Option to learn from SpamPal and other plugins or not
  • Added "degeneration" (see www.paulgraham.com/better.html )
  • Bugfix: Email reclassification may not work correctly with case-sensitivity turned on
  • Available languages: Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish

    1.00rc1 18/01/03

  • Bug fix: Turning off logging may cause access violation
  • Bug fix: Email processing limit now saved
  • Bug fix: Wordlist.dat not created when neither default nor user wordlist exists.
  • Improved logging information
  • Leading "_'-" characters are now removed from words
  • Available languages: Danish, German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish

    0.37 15/01/03

  • Internal build, not released

    0.36 15/01/03

  • Internal build, not released

    0.35 11/01/03

  • Added "To" and clean/spam column to plugin window
  • Rearranged configuration window to allow more room for translated labels
  • Default wordlist is no longer included with installation
  • Options for limiting the amount of an individual email to process
  • Threshold for words being used in scoring (currently a word needs to appear 20 times before it is used in scoring)
  • Rearrangement of options window to allow more room for translated labels.
  • Option whether to add "X-Bayesian-Words" header or not
  • "Assume whitelisted email is clean" option
  • Change "X-Bayesian-Words" probabilities from floating point to integer
  • HTML comment (<!-- -->) discarding
  • Improved load/save configuration routines
  • Improvements to email processing speed
  • Bug fix: Reclassify window did not keep sorting order

    0.34 08/01/03

  • Bug fix: Buffer overrun in logging

    0.33 08/01/03

  • Internal build, not released

    0.32 08/01/03

  • Bug fix: Error in calculating the size of inserted headers
  • Added Italian translation

    0.31 07/01/03

  • Added option to include all headers in classification
  • Extra log information for debugging

    0.30 07/01/03

  • Added a "Learn whitelisted emails" option
  • Bug fix: Stopped the wordlist being saved too often
  • Bug fix: Adding to database sometimes causes a runtime error

    0.29 06/01/03

  • Bug fix: Mail reclassified as clean is sometimes added as spam

    0.28 06/01/03

  • German translation of help file
  • Even more improvements to MIME decoding

    0.27 05/01/03

  • Date column in plugin window is now date & time
  • Fixed problem with first MIME section being ignored
  • Wordlist is no longer saved after every send/recv (Now every two hours, only if it has changed)

    0.26 05/01/03

  • Whitelisted emails are no longer added to the database
  • Extra security on illegal values in the database
  • Some small speed improvements

    0.25 05/01/03

  • Improvements to the plugin window (added "From" column, window settings now saved, fixed bug in message subject)

    0.24 04/01/03

  • Improved word expiry handling

    0.23 04/01/03

  • Bug fix: Crash during saving of database

    0.22 04/01/03

  • Improvements to wordlist loading speed
  • Improved culling of junk words

    0.21 04/01/03

  • Word expiry now triggers a decay rather than immediately removing a word. I recommend setting Word expiry on configuration dialog (SpamPal trayicon -> Options -> Plugins -> Bayesian Filter -> Properties) to 5 days.

    0.20 04/01/03

  • Improved MIME-encoding detection
  • Change to ignore.dat processing (ignore list is now combination of global list & user list)

    0.19 03/01/03

  • Wordlist.dat is now saved at least every hour

    0.18 03/01/03

  • Bug fix: Incorrect marking of email in the plugin window
  • Partial MIME-encoding support
  • Increased log detail (but greatly reduced size) for debugging purposes (for bug reports please keep logging turned on)
  • Added external list of words to ignore (Ignore.dat in configuration directory)

    0.17 01/01/03

  • Bug fix: Incorrect formatting of the log file output could an access violation
  • Language support: English, German, Danish

    0.16 01/01/03

  • Removed workaround/patch for a SpamPal 1.093 window exit bug. (Now requires SpamPal >= v1.10)
  • Plugin window is now updated when new emails arrive, resizable, and no longer "always on top"
  • Various minor code speed/efficiency improvements
  • Multi-language support (using lang.ini in plugin directory)

    0.15 31/12/02

  • Reclassification moved from properties window to plugin window
  • Removed Drag & Drop targets from plugin window
  • Fixed bug where the plugin would not save the updated database

    0.14 31/12/02

  • Internal build, not released

    0.13 31/12/02

  • Internal build, not released

    0.12 31/12/02

  • Modifications to the configuration loading to increase initialisation speed

    0.11 31/12/02

  • Reclassification is now possible from the properties window (SpamPal Options - > Plugins -> Properties). Note that the emails are not held between SpamPal sessions.

    0.10 30/12/02

  • Filtering now ignores base64 encoded attachments and decodes "Quoted- printable" ("=3D" etc.) correctly
  • Better parsing of words
  • Improved multilingual support
  • Subject line now included in filtering

    0.09 29/12/02

  • Spam/Clean drop targets are now buttons too...clicking them will read an email from the clipboard
  • Added visual confirmation of Drag & Drop/Paste operations
  • Now ignores common email structure words (e.g. base64, content-type, http- equiv)
  • Logging is now a configuration option

    0.08 29/12/02

  • Support for SpamPal "-config" option
  • Extra configuration options (min/max word size & word expiry time)

    0.07 29/12/02

  • Increased code efficiency & speed
  • Improved configuration handling
  • More robust filehandling
  • Improved handling of Drag & Drop
  • Installer no longer overwrites wordlist.dat
  • Words now have a last-found date and will be "expired" after 60 days, reducing the size of the word database
  • Minor cosmetic changes :-)

    0.06 28/12/02

  • Added a logging facility

    0.05 27/12/02

  • Fixed a couple of plugin window initialisation bugs
  • More robust handling of Drag & Drop

    0.04 26/12/02

  • Added reclassification Drap & Drop window

    0.03 25/12/02

  • Fixed wordlist.dat file reading problem

    0.02 24/12/02

  • Added configuration dialog
  • Learning threshold added to increase accuracy of word classification
  • Added Help files

    0.01 22/12/02

  • First public release.